Do you have no party to vote for?
Then we were born for you.

“Could we really live a safe life in the future?”
“Will our children be able to enjoy a secure future?”
Waiting for someone else to solve these concerns has now come to end.
We can no longer leave the future of our country in someone else’s hands.
Now is the time to make a change for the better of all Japan, together.

About Sanseito

Sanseito was established from scratch by voluntary members under a strong sense of crisis that “our precious country, which our ancestors have protected, will one day decline with the existing party politics that always prioritizes the interest of its members.” Sanseito is not affiliated with any specific support group or funding source. We are ordinary Japanese citizens with the same mindset who came together with our knowledge and resources to run Sanseito on our own.

Participating in Politics from Familiar Community Activities

A political party, is first of all, supposed to work for those who work hard to pay taxes. However, the reality is, current political parties display nepotism which mostly includes members with a special or hereditary connection to individuals who mainly work for a Parliamentary member in an election. The structure of Sanseito has no duty or compulsory tasks that affords members such privileges.

We aim to first bring together members with the same mindset, form a community in each area, and create a new movement by connecting people.


About Sanseito



We will provide a radio broadcasting-style (audio file) webcast service that includes useful information for everyday life and political decision-making politics, history, education, economics, international relations, asset formation, and health information. Let’s listen to thought-provoking opinions and cultivate an eye for politics together.


We will create spaces for various social activities focusing on event organization, environmental protection, agriculture, and other primary industries essential to our lives.


We will establish a Party DIY school to develop human resources with strong people skills. Graduates, upon request, will be assigned as Community Organizer.

About Sanseito


Sanseito operates as a think-tank in the form of a political party

Our party’s policy is not arbitrarily determined by board members, but rather, it is thought out and developed together with all members.

Local issues should be raised, addressed, and solved by local members

We will not leave local or regional issues to the central Japanese government.
We will work together with the members in the same area to solve the issues.

Create a system to reflect local voices in public policy/span>

In events where help is needed from the administration or the government, Sanseito will play the role of connecting local matters to the Japanese government.

About Sanseito


We will create a new type of Parliamentary member

We will create many party candidates who can become “real leaders,” providing the people with the necessary information

Rather than requesting favors from Parliamentary members, Sanseito will make appropriate use of the position of Parliamentary members

Parliamentary members from Sanseito will commit to executing activities based on the party policies or requests from party members.

We will create a “human resource bank” for politics

We will support those who wish to become a Parliamentary member by providing opportunities to learn about policies and elections, as well as delivering programs such as the “human resource bank” system so that they can one day wear a Parliamentary member’s badge. Our principle is “DIY (Do It Yourself)”: to start creating activities, policies, and human resources on our own. In order to make changes to Japanese politics, we, the Japanese public as a sovereign, first must have our “Ishiki Kaikaku” (Awareness reformation). Then, we must have a selected representative to exercise leadership in making our voices heard. The era of “waiting for someone else to work” has now come to an end. If you are disappointed with current politics or parties, please “participate” in “politics.” Sanseito is the gateway for your political participation!


What is Sanseito DIY School (SDS)?

We provide learning opportunities, both via the internet and onsite, for all rank-and-file members and management members who have joined Sanseito.

Japan is a democratic country, and everyone in Japan has the right to decide the future of our country; therefore, we all must think about the future of our country and create our own lives on our own.

However, we Japanese people have not learned how to shape our thoughts or gather members with the same mindset.

For this reason, the main theme of Sanseito DIY School is “Community Organizing (CO).”

CO means raising awareness of all Japanese societies, gathering the skills and knowledge that each of us has, and making changes to the existing social system utilizing the power of the community; in the first term, we would like to share this method with all of you.

Like the civil rights movement in the US, we would like to start a grassroots movement working with you to find the best ways to change society.

This school provides an opportunity to learn, with all of us, about the historical background of the current problematic situation in Japan, the spirit our ancestors had, and the systems in the world, such as economics, military, and media structures. Then we can examine the issues Japan currently faces, what must be protected, and what must be changed.

We believe that a strong team must have the following three capabilities:
1. Sharing useful information
2. Sharing individual skills, including strengths and weaknesses (establishing human relationships)
3. Sharing thoughts

To enhance solidarity among the members to share the above points and to exchange opinions on the management and direction of the party, we hold a monthly social gathering event after each lesson (onsite attendants only). There is also a training camp available for all who registered in the school.

This school is exclusively designed for party members – we recommend all members take full advantage of this opportunity.

A non-member can also participate if s/he joins the party through our party entry guide; let’s create a team for changing Japan with all of our power together.

What is ‘Sanseito Election School’?

A “Party DIY project” to establish “a party we want to vote for” from scratch.

We opened a “school for election” where members can learn at a high level with the support of reliable professionals that allow us to efficiently deep-dive into an “election.”

No matter how quick-witted and eloquent a person is and even when s/he has great skills in constructing perfect policies, s/he can never make the best of their skills as a Parliamentary member until s/he wins an election.

Though not all members need to run in an election, we expect our Sanseito members to understand what an “election” actually is and how a person can win the election.

When one of our members finds the courage to run in an election, a member who has full knowledge of election protocols will be appointed as an exceptionally reliable support.

First, speakers with experience as a secretary to a politician or Parliamentary member will teach us not only from a surface view but also from a more in-depth angle about becoming a Parliamentary member; hearing about the actual experiences of an ex- Parliamentary member and a secretary to a politician will definitely be beneficial to those who will support individuals running in an election.

Next, the members will learn “the Public Officers Election Act,” a basic rule for an election. In this lesson, the members will understand how to draw the lines and distinguish between “a political activity” and “an election campaign.” Then, they will learn what we can do within the rule and to what extent it is considered legal, where a legally gray area exists.

Also, the members will learn the “power of communication” to formulate what policy is needed, how to deliver it to voters, and how to gain understanding and support from them.

Our school is suitable for those who:
-are considering running in an election as a candidate
-support a candidate as a party member and join an election campaign
-lead an election campaign as a staff for a Parliamentary member
-will be an election planner for supporting a promising politician-in-the-making.



  • To create a peaceful country where the people are united with the Emperor at the center, applying the wisdom of our ancestors
  • To pursue the independence and prosperity of Japan, and contribute to the development of humankind
  • To build a model for a harmonized Japan, honouring the spirit and traditions of Japan



Our society is now facing a historical turning point. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this change in the world, and people’s mindset is also facing the greatest change seen more than ever before.
Within this background, Sanseito will start to build a new nation so that all Japanese citizens can expect a life full of hope in the coming era of great change.

The issues we are facing now include a super-aging population, declining birthrate, deflation, pandemic, natural disaster, rapid development of digitalization, upheaval in international order and national security, energy and global environment, and so on. With all these big challenges being mounted with no sense of a solution being found, Japan is a “frontrunner of global challenges,” facing these issues ahead of the rest of the world. However, we view this challenge as a positive opportunity. We believe that how we recover as a country and create a roadmap for the solution will lead to growth from a long-stagnate economy, and the creation of new affluence, which in the end will contribute to the prosperity of the world.

The existing political parties constrained by vested interests cannot deliver a new roadmap for Japan to the Japanese people who are full of anxiety about an uncertain future. What is required for politics now is to draw up a new vision for the prosperity of Japan and carry out that vision. Sanseito has classified this vision into 10 themes by creating the “10 pillars” of new nation-building as a guideline while focusing on Japan’s unique strength. These “10 pillars” form our fundamental principles for making our policies in the future.


With all the accumulated pearls of wisdoms and thoughts of the members, Sanseito has established “10 Pillars” as a new nation-building vision for achieving what Japan should be in the future. These pillars serve as the guiding principles for Sanseito policies and are our stories that pave the way for our positive future. To overcome the various challenges and difficulties that Japan faces now and for all Japanese citizens to live a safe and fulfilling life, we must all be united in the following views:

1)Understanding of global trends and understanding the challenges and strengths of Japan
2)Creating new value pathways that will lead Japan to prosperity
3)A vision of the future society where citizens can picture a future full of hope

In our “10 pillars” of new nation-building, we have clearly shown a pathway to transforming society into one characterized by the virtue and strengths of the Japanese people.

Our policies will be drafted in detail, added, and updated by the party members accordingly. We expect our members to get involved in politics by planning, creating, and carrying out each policy together. If you are interested in incorporating your thoughts into the policies, please join us as a Management Member, and we welcome you to be involved in Sanseito’s policymaking.

“10 Pillars” for new nation-building vision:

(November 2021)

  • About Sanseito About Sanseito

    Building a society for reliably pursuing bonds with people and a meaningful life

  • About Sanseito About Sanseito

    Building a safe lifestyle that values good health, food, and nutrition, with a thriving super-aging society of Japanese people

  • About Sanseito About Sanseito

    Building an economy with uptrend growth (achieving the income-doubling strategy of the Reiwa era)

  • About Sanseito About Sanseito

    Building people skills to provide people with the ability to create his/her own happiness

  • About Sanseito About Sanseito

    Building science and technology capacity that is constantly at the frontier of innovative solutions worldwide, to the global challenges faced by humankind

  • About Sanseito About Sanseito

    Building national defense and crisis control to protect our own country by ourselves

  • About Sanseito About Sanseito

    Building diplomatic relations that create great harmony in the world with the Japanese leadership

  • About Sanseito About Sanseito

    Building coherent politics and administration in agreement based on the decision and participation of the Japanese people.

  • About Sanseito About Sanseito

    Building a circular environment/energy system and a land of the country which coexists in harmony with the Earth

  • About Sanseito About Sanseito

    Building a national identity that protects and nurtures Japan’s freedom, culture, and uniqueness of Japanese character


About Sanseito

To cultivate the Japanese citizens with high learning skills (critical thinking and self-learning) rather than high academic skills (exam scores):

  • We will reform the law such that a local government can establish inquiry-based alternative schools
  • We will construct a public education system that cultivates entrepreneurs and those who can create their own profession, live without financial dependency on others, and can plan a self-determined life
  • We will deliver factual education of a self-respecting history view that allows us to cherish our country, region, and traditions
About Sanseito

To deliver food and medical care without depending on any chemical products and support this initiative by pursuing a circular environment:

  • We will control the increasing medical cost by appropriately allocating medical resources
  • We will promote agricultural and fishing industries without the use of pesticides, fertilizer, or any other chemical product and review the Food Labeling Act.
  • We will promote the Japanese version of SDGs (Social Development Goals), incorporating the wisdom of our Japanese ancestors.
About Sanseito

To establish a system in which foreign forces cannot be involved in governing Japan:

  • We will establish laws that increase the difficulty of foreign capital from acquiring Japanese companies or land
  • We will control the increase of foreign workers and oppose the right to vote in elections for foreign residents.
  • We will introduce a new official digital currency to protect personal information and currency-issuing rights (as known as “Matsuda Plan”)